Samsung Galaxy Z Fold next model may come with S Pen slot

From past reports, all you know is that Samsung stops making the Galaxy Note series. This device gets users’ attention because of its impressive display and the S Pen. S Pen also comes with the  Samsung Galaxy Ultra. As per Sam Mobile, the company has now plans to bring its next Galaxy Z Fold flagship with the S Pen Slot.

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In August, Samsung released Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 with the Galaxy Watch 5. The company estimated its growth rate of 80% in the foldable segment until 2025. Since the market is developing well, more new entrants are also expected. Samsung, therefore, expects that Apple will also introduce foldable in 2024, but probably notebooks and tablets, not smartphones.

But there is still a long way to go: foldable have to be lighter and thinner on the one hand and the hinges/gaps have to be reduced on the other. As per Samsung, anyone who has switched to a foldable rarely goes back to a bar or normal smartphone. This year’s foldable launch comes with the new feature Flexcam, with this you can click photos with the partially folding form of the phone.

Finally, once a user is used to foldable phones then it is very least that they prefer another style.

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