Tesla 2022.40.4 can be ultrasonic radar via visual sensor

Last year, Tesla removed the Ultrasonic radar from its Model 3 and Model Y. As per the report the idea behind them is based on radar interference pure vision solutions so the company mainly focuses on pure vision. Now, this year from the Model S and Model X the Ultrasonic radar will remove. Recently, an update brings a small upgrade, and the function is the same as the previous versions.

This update only enhances the system stability and optimization of system fluency. Model 3 and Model Y built for the North American market will be optimized for the Tesla Vision system and will no longer be equipped with radar.” Tesla also said that it will be as soon as possible.

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Model S and Model X cars produced from mid-February will only support pure vision systems. It no longer uses any radar to perform its function. In mid-February 2022, all Model S and Model X built for the North American market use Tesla Vision, while all Model S and Model X were previously built with radar for the North American market.

The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk said that vehicles basically drive by their vision so they switch to building the Mode S And Model X based on pure vision. He also said that there is no need for radar in car human use vision to drive cars.

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