Enhances Google Assistant on Pixel 7 Series with Personalized speech recognition

Google improves the Google Assistant interactions by working on speech recognition models. With this Google Assistant recognizes features improve like speaking style and more. Now, on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Google Assistant uses on-device Personalized speech recognition. It is easy to recognize the different speaking styles, words, and phrases.

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It helps to recognize a person’s unique and different speaking style. It works as whenever you command the Google Assistant for opening an app and accessing another thing it saves your voice command. So next time it helps to give proper results. It also learned your speech with the typed text.

For example, you might correct an acronym when you ask Google Assistant something, or select a suggested alternative for the name of a place when using the Assistant to navigate.

The company also advised by choosing the correct suggestion chip helps to interact with the Assistant.

Google Assistant can use your past corrections to learn from its mistakes and improve over time.

In Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro at the time of setting Google Assistant that time this feature was set up. While using the Pixel 7 Series, the user can change the setting anytime by disabling/enabling it. Users need to do, go to the Assistant settings on their Pixel 7> You> Your speech recognition>Personlised speech recognition off/on. When disabling the feature the past recorded interaction with Assitant will be removed.

At last, for enhancing the Assistant capability with Federated Learning. When the Google Assitant is set as per user requirement then it does the fast task and improves performance.

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