Google Play services bring photo feature, older Android version can get benefit too

In order to make variations and improvements, Google shares a new photo selection for Android devices. The new version can be referred to as much more efficient than the previous one. Notably, the biggest advantage of the recent version is the rollout for devices with older Android versions. This could be run throughout all Android versions back to Android 4.4.

Google won’t give access to your phone’s entire storage to third-party apps when you choose photos and albums. Thus, it is very safe and better than before.

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Apparently, this refers to a new modular system component that is finally coming to our devices via Google Play Services. The company desires to make avail of the new Photo selection app for those apps that are not adaptive.

The last variant will now be distributed to the devices via the latest Google Play services in the next few days. which has been known for a few months. But this is the selectively appreciated feature and quite adoring.

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