Google Slides now allow you to follow user and Google Keep for Wear OS brings richer notes feed

Google is working on more improvement in the experience in Slides. Now a new “Follow” feature lets you jump to whatever page a specific user is viewing Tapping another person’s avatar in the Google Slides top bar will let you follow and “move with them as they navigate and make changes to a presentation.”

If you want to stop, Google Slides will also stop if:

  • The collaborator refreshes or leaves the presentation.
  • You make any edits to the presentation.
  • You click a different slide.
  • You enter the Slideshow mode.

According to the latest information, Google Keep for Wear OS is beginning to roll out its updated notes feed. You will now see the change in background color or preset image you’ve set in the phone app.

Also, the color/theme is getting reflected when you open a note. At the bottom, just before the Add reminder, Pin, and Archive actions, you’ll now see when something was edited and the labels you’ve applied, as well as any collaborators.

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