Google Stadia players track their progress in Hitman games to other

If Google Stadia haven’t already done so, players will also lose their save data when Google Stadia shuts down on January 18. While some games can use Stadia to save files on PCs and other platforms, others have needed developer support to do so. The first time that Hitman players will be able to retrieve their saved games from Stadia.

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This week, IO Interactive announced that Hitman 1, 2, and 3 players on Google Stadia will be able to transfer their progress off of the dying cloud platform. A “one-time Stadia Progression Carryover” that will be available on January 11, one week before Stadia’s closure, makes this attainable.

Campaign progress, XP, challenge status, item unlocks, mastery levels, and achievements from Stadia can be transferred to PC (Epic/Steam/Windows), Xbox, and PlayStation using the transfer.

Your player profile, XP, suits, items, and mastery levels are all carried over. In addition, the majority of your Stadia achievements will also be unlocked on your new platform. Unfortunately, there are some compatibility issues between the achievement systems and so we decided to focus on making sure that the achievements related to progression would auto-unlock as a priority. This will mean that players should not be blocked from completing any trophies/achievements after the carryover.

Within the Stadia version of Hitman, players must link their IO Interactive account to set everything up. Signing into the IOI site and checking Connected Records. It will allow you to check whether your records are connected and no need to open the game.

The existing carryover portal will begin integrating with Stadia on January 11 or earlier. Players who linked their accounts before January 18 will be able to transfer their data until February 17. Linking accounts as soon as possible is recommended.

The Sunset Rubber Duck, Orange Pinstripe Briefcase, and White Sunset Suit. All cosmetics that are exclusive to Stadia will not be carried over. But they will be available to players in a subsequent patch

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