These Samsung and Google apps you can uninstall from your Galaxy device

Planning to buy a new phone, must be thinking that it would come according to your desire surely it would be but……. Android phones always come with lots of preinstalled apps, hope you are not desiring the unnecessary apps lying in your phone which has just no motive to be there…!! Well, Something same has been observed in the Galaxy devices since they come with so many pre-installed Samsung apps. 

So this guide could be your recourse if you wanna uninstall some of the pre-installed Samsung apps that are just not in use, on your Galaxy devices. These apps can easily find in the App menu in your device settings. We’re listing down common Samsung and Google apps that you can uninstall or disable on your Galaxy phone to save storage, battery life, and processing power.

Samsung Apps that can be uninstalled

Though Samsung will not secrete rubish to all their customers, but it is overprotective towards the same. So we cannot say that things go worst when Samsung phones come with a number of bloatware apps that come pre-installed on your device. While some of them are quite useful, and some of them are not so the choice is yours, whoever you want you can simply keep them, others you can uninstall.

  • Here are the Samsung apps that you can uninstall from your Galaxy device:
  • Samsung Internet
  • Samsung Members
  • Samsung Music
  • Samsung Kids
  • Bixby Dictation
  • Game Booster Plus
  • Health Platform
  • Samsung Health
  • Samsung Notes Add-ons
  • Smart Switch
  • Samsung Translator
  • Voice Recorder

Uninstalling these apps won’t wreck your phone, but there are some useful pre-installed Samsung apps that you might want to consider keeping.

Samsung Apps that can be disabled

Some Samsung apps are built into the system itself and hence can’t be uninstalled, but you can still disable them. This way, they don’t run in the background wasting your battery life, RAM, and processing power. In addition, you can hide apps you don’t use from the Home screen or app drawer.

Here are the Samsung apps that you can disable on your Galaxy device:

  • AR Doodle
  • AR Emoji
  • AR Emoji Stickers
  • Bixby Voice
  • Calendar
  • Game Launcher
  • Link to Windows
  • My Galaxy
  • OneDrive
  • Samsung Checkout
  • Samsung Max
  • Samsung Visit In

Some Google Apps also can be Remove

Alongside Samsung apps, you can also remove some Google apps without worrying whether doing so will wreck your phone. Since Google controls Android, many Google apps are tied very closely to the Android system at large and should hence not be tampered with.

 Some Samsung and Google Apps can be uninstalled or disabled

While there are some apps that pay you the most out of them, you should probably not remove important apps such as Google, Maps, Gmail, Photos, Chrome, Drive, and Google Play Services. But they can be easily uninstalled or disabled if they are of no use to you, check them below:

Google Play GamesGoogle News

  • Google Play Services for AR
  • Google Translate
  • Speech Services by Google

Get free from the Apps you don’t use necessarily

Aside from pre-installed bloatware, there are a lot of other types of apps that you should uninstall from your phone to make it work more smoothly and save storage. While Android phones from other manufacturers such as Google, Asus, or Motorola come with mostly clean software, Samsung’s One UI is filled with all kinds of apps that you may not find useful and should hence uninstall or disable on your Galaxy devices.


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