[U: Control Playback] Finally the Google Home app starts rolling out full TV controls

Jan 11/2023: Now you can easily control playback, switch inputs, adjust the volume, and more for your connected streaming or media devices straight from the app.

Dec 31/2022: As per the latest Google news, the Google Home App is finally getting to the touch-based controls and as per the details some television sets can be controlled by the Nest Hub.

To recall, back in August, the Pixel phone maker rolled out the redesigned controls for popular smart home devices in the Google Home app,” including fans, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and TVs.

So now Google Home App is finally can be able to provide full touch controls. This includes volume up/down, un/mute, power on/off, play, pause, channel, and a Source list.

All controls might have already been available on the Nest Hub, but they are now available on the Google Home app.

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