Windows 11’s Media Player soon available to Windows 10 users

Microsoft rolled out a new redesigned media player for its Windows 11 Preview users in late 2021. Since then this media player has kept getting updates in a short time. Microsoft adds something new with every update, making it very convenient for users to use. Microsoft recently added video folder navigation to Media Player.

As we all know, Groove Music has always been the default playback application ever since Windows 10 was released. But now is the time for a change as Microsoft will soon replace Windows 11’s media player with Groove Music. This means soon the media player of Windows 11 will be available for Windows 10 users.

Microsoft has also started rolling out this media player to Windows 10 Release Preview channel users. This new media player is also now available on the Microsoft Store, which means that all Windows 10 users will soon be able to use it.

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