Pixel’s Security & privacy showing a wrong ‘Add a screen lock’ alert

If you are coming across the alert “Add a screen lock” these days, believe me, you are not alone….!! Google incurred due to something getting wrong in the Google Security & privacy menu in Pixel phones. Where the alert encourages you to “Add a screen lock.”

If it happens across two separate Google accounts, no phones are without a passcode or fingerprint authentication. Going to the full Security Checkup page (after tapping “Take Action”) only identifies the affected phone as “Android,” with Google usually providing specifics here.

While is not happening in all the Google Accounts as per the source investigation. The closest device that comes to mind that is signed in to both accounts is a Chromecast with Google TV. Of course, that’s not a phone, and Google should be smart enough to ignore that form factor.

The overflow menu offers “Already have a screen lock?” but that just returns: “If you added a screen lock today, it may take a few hours for that change to show here.” Dismiss, or tapping the ‘x’ in the Security & privacy card is offered, but the yellow exclamation mark remains.

For the reason, Google recognizes the error, and remove the warning on its end to prevent any further concern. Hope this guide helps you.

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