[U: Limit Increased] Google rolled out end-to-end encryption in Google Messages group chats

Jan 19/2023: Google Messages is starting to roll out support for having up to 100 members in an end-to-end encrypted group chat! 9to5Google reported today that the E2EE group chat limit is 21, but it seems the limit was recently raised to 100. End-to-end encryption for group chats is currently available for users in the open beta program for the Google Messages app.

Dec 02/2022: Google continuously rolled out new and most awaited features for its products such as Wear OS, Android, apps and some other products. Recently, Google released a new Android app and improved the Wear OS app stability and added some new features.

Now, End-to-end encryption for group chats in Google Messages is starting to roll out! End-to-end encryption for 1:1 chats became available for everyone in mid-2021. At their I/O 2022 keynote earlier this year, Google said that end-to-end encryption for group chats would be enabled later this year.

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Some additional info: User SeeAreEff is on the latest beta release of Google Messages (version 20221129_00_RC01.phone.openbeta_dynamic) and the latest stable release of Google Play Services (version 22.46.17). They said that their buddy, Andy, is using an Android phone.

A Twitter user Asjmcguire said It’s rolling out fast. Our big group said not available to 33 people earlier today (that’s everyone) and as of a few minutes ago that’s down to 23 now.

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