Check the Google official Pixel 7 Pro teardown wallpaper

The latest Google Pixel 7 Pro teardown wallpaper is now here. Google’s hardware design team captured the shot and created a wallpaper of each image.

In Wallpaper, you can see the component Google used in the Pixel 7 Pro laid out in a 3×3 grid. In the top-left corner, there are screws and wires, as well as the Tensor G2 with its label in the bottom right. The display is next and then the wireless charging coil.

At the rear side, there are three-camera arrays, as well as the front-facing lens, which starts the next row. It’s paired with the rest of the motherboard.

You can see the metal rear and glass pieces independently. There are also camera covers and flash in-between. Finally, we have the battery and display glass. The actual wallpaper size is 1440 x 3120 and works with the Pixel 7 Pro.

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