Google will shutting down the Stream Protect SDK and the Privacy Sandbox on Android is in beta

Recently, we shared an article in which we mentioned that big changes are happening to GMS licensing and Android compatibility requirements in India. Now, another report about Google’s products appeared online.

A new report claims that Google is shutting down the Stream Protect SDK later this year. This SDK helped latency-sensitive cloud gaming services (like Stadia, RIP) deal with reliability and latency issues of users’ WiFi networks, but it only supported the Chromecast with Google TV.

“Stream Protect predicts the transmission timing of streaming video frames between the client device and the Wi-Fi router. This helps reserve the Wi-Fi channel when the client device needs to avoid potential interference.”

The Privacy Sandbox on Android is in beta and is available on devices with the extension SDK 4+, which has already been rolled out. However, it’s disabled through server-side flags and is only available to apps & devices on an allowlist as developers need to submit a form to opt-in.

Here’s what the opt-in UI and settings UI currently look like for users (ignore the different theme/density, we took these screenshots at different times/devices).

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