Microsoft Edge reimagined as Project Phoenix

Microsoft is working on an imaginary internal concept of the Edge web browser, made by the MS User Research team. It is codenamed “Phoenix,” and is a project to collect feedback internally for Edge development directions/priorities. Phoenix features a unique UI, productivity tools, and deeper integration with Windows 11.

Microsoft has been working on Phoenix vision since last summer and is being built in pieces as some parts of the browser can be tested using feature flags in the previous versions of Microsoft Edge.

Some of the features include:

  • Updated UI
  • Rounded tabs and Elements to give a native Windows 11 app feel
  • A new “split view” feature that lets users view two web pages side by side under a single tab
  • Tab Activity Center feature which is similar to Digital Wellbeing of Android and provides insights and breakdowns of browser usage with time
  • Treating Edge as the system-wide password manager for all Windows.

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