New details about the Pixel Tablet (Specs, Photos, Pro Version)

Kuba Wojciechowski revealed some new details about the upcoming device. The tablet will feature 8GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of Kioxia UFS storage. The display on the device is a 2560×1600 CSoT “ppa957db2d” with an RT4539 LED driver, which is typically used for driving the backlight layer on LCDs, which means that the Pixel Tablet most likely doesn’t have an OLED screen.

Also, on the “About Tablet” settings page, my curiosity was piqued by the very top item ‘Dock Settings’. Apparently, here you can control the settings of the dock with the speaker, as well as update its software.

About the “Tangor Pro” code name, we thought there was a Pro model of the Pixel Tablet, but instead, Google originally developed just a “tangor” with a Tensor G1 chip, but then cancelled the project in favor of “tango pro” with Tensor G2 chip.

In the above images, a sticker mentions: “this device is only compatible with EVT2 K6 and EVT Y4.” EVT = Engineering Validation Test. K6 & Y4 refer to “korlan” & “yuzu”, the code-names for two docks meaning there will be 2 models with one having speaker support while the other only with charging.

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