Google released the Android home screen widget of Google TV

Google recently rolled out Material You design for Google TV. The design includes a new bottom bar that’s taller and makes use of pill-shaped indicators to note your current tab. Also, Google TV moving a step further by introducing ads for physical products and stores.

Talking about today’s topic, the Google TV Android app is now creating a home screen widget. Google rolled out the home screen widget in the Google TV Android app version, and it’s been showing up in the widget list since then, but it’s apparently not ready.

Some reports suggest that it has a default size of 4×5, and cannot be smaller than that when placed on the home screen. However, it may take up your entire screen.

The new change seems to bring a short bar for Google TV search that includes a keyboard as well as when you tap on the center you will get the apps Home tab. Now, on the widget Google TV let you show content suggestions like the top streaming services for example Netflix and Hulu.

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