Android Auto: Users report further innovations

Android Auto users report more innovations than rebuilt and designed differently. As they noticed that Google is also changing the app’s settings menu to admire them more…!!

A new design has been tested for months and will hopefully be implemented at some point in the near future. Although Android Auto settings are still nicer when Google consistently implements optical innovations in all areas of the apps and all apps.

Already in November, there were leaks about Android Auto settings in Material Design 3:

New design planned for more apps

Although, there is no clue when Google will actually distribute the new design updates for its apps to users on a large scale. Google is currently converting the app of the same name to smartphones. This includes, for example, the new design of the switches. Which we have rarely seen in Android apps so far.

Well, the desire for Coolwalk is still great with Android Auto, but the new design and the new structure of the user interface are still not available for everyone. Hope you’ll like the news.


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