Pixel Tablet will have ‘Hub mode’ settings and Google wallpaper and style app will have separate tabs

In the third beta of Android 13 QPR2, the company has built in a new (hidden) settings page for the upcoming tablet. This included: Screensaver settings while charging or on the dock; At a glance widget settings; Lock screen settings; and Cast.

This appears to be an incomplete list, as the “others” section remains blank. My guess is that items related to the Google app will appear here because recently the app added activities mentioning ‘hub mode’.

The wallpaper & style app will have separate tabs for customizing the Lock Screen and Home Screen.

This is most likely intended for upcoming customization options for lock screen elements such as clocks and shortcuts. So far, it all looks pretty raw, and it’s unlikely we’ll see it in the final Android 13 QPR2 release in March. Perhaps the feature is saved for QPR3 or Android 14.

How the lock screen shortcuts customization will look like?

As expected, separate tabs for the ‘home screen’ and ‘locked screen’ are designed to allow customization of the ‘Custom Clock’ and ‘Shortcuts’ on the lock screen.

You will be able to select options for the left and right buttons such as Flashlight, Do Not Disturb mode, Device Controls, Camera, or None (no button). And call actions on the lock screen will be available by holding instead of pressing once (demonstration in the video).

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