Telegram silently increased its Premium prices by introducing annual payments

In the quest to make more money, Telegram has Silently increased its prices. You can check new prices by going into Telegram settings > Premium. They increased because they have introduced annual charges and it is different for each country.

Actually, they are matching the USA pricing with a reduction of $1 most other countries already have it matched so no changes were made. It shows different prices on mobile and on the Telegram desktop.

For India

  • Previous Price: 179₹ monthly

Telegram desktop prices

  • Annual price: 1950₹ OR 162.5₹ monthly
  • Monthly: 259.9 ₹

So 45% increase in prices by introducing annual prices and by paying from the website

Telegram Mobile prices

  • Annual price: 2399₹ OR 199.2₹ monthly
  • Monthly: 319 ₹

So 78% increase in prices if doing payment from mobile. Because Google PlayStore does automatic payments, so if you want to cancel it, do it now!

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