A modified Windows 11 ISO runs on 200MB of RAM

Tiny11 is a debloated Windows 11 22H2 modification that uses 8GB of space (instead of 20GB) and can “run great” on systems with 2GB of RAM and as low as 200MB. The developer explains that it can be shrunk even further with drive compression and does not need TPM or Secure Boot. You can even upgrade from Windows 10 to Tiny11, but still, need a valid key to activate.

Tiny11 provides just the necessary parts like accessibility tools, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Notepad and Paint. There’s no Microsoft Edge, so you’ll need to install a browser. Tiny11 also works with offline accounts by default, but you can sign in with a Microsoft Account.

It all sounds good but what are the caveats?

  • Tiny11 is not serviceable, but .NET, drivers and security updates can still be installed from Windows Update.
  • The image isn’t official, but you can check that it doesn’t have anything from external sources added to it if you’re worried about security.
  • There’s no Windows Component Store (WinSxS), so you can’t add new features or languages.

The installation ISO is 3GB and you can download it from HERE or via Torrent.

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