Nothing Phone (1) users facing charging, fingerprint and reset issues

Recently, we published an article on the issues of Nothing Phone (1) in which we shared that many users were facing quality issues with Nothing Phone (1), many had battery issues, many had Face Unlock issues, and many users were having bad touch experiences. Well, till now, these issues have not been fixed, and today we are going to share some more new issues related to this phone. You can check the complete details which are mentioned below.

Charging Issue:

Some users say that the charging disconnects in their Nothing Phone (1) and sometimes reconnects automatically. Out of 20 plug-in chargers, one of them produces this charging disconnect/reconnect issue. Most of the time (90%) this happens at 81 percent of battery life, where the charging gets disconnected and reconnected on its own and goes on forever.

Then, no matter how many times you try to plug it in and out or try changing the chords or changing the power outlet, the issue persists. and it persists for some random time or until we drain the battery a little. Has anybody else faced this issue or heard of anything like this for any other handset?

Fingerprint Bug

Some users say that their Nothing Phone (1) has a fingerprint bug. A user on the Social media platform said: Hi. I use the ambient mode on my NP1 and I think I’ve found a bug, there is a feature where in the idle mode u just tap on the fingerprint scanner and it scans. No need to hit the power button and then register ur fingerprint. But sometimes this goes off. After the phone’s idle for 5 secs the ambient mode goes off and even after picking and tapping near the fingerprint scanner area I get no scans. Gotta power it on and then scan it. This bug goes away after a reboot. Is anyone else facing this?

Well till now neither there has been any response from the company nor it has been rectified yet but we hope that Nothing will fix it as soon as possible.

Factory Data Reset

Some users reported on social media platforms that their phones start flickering and going into factory data reset mode and showing that their data is corrupt. Why this is happening has not been confirmed yet but it is expected that the company will fix this bug as soon as possible.

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