Samsung rolled out February 2023 patch details

According to the latest report, Samsung now released the February 2023 security patch details. On February 06, Google released the Android 13-based February 2023 patch update for all eligible Pixel devices and Samsung also released the same update.

As per the official details, Samsung’s February 2023 security patch includes fixes 5 Critical, 43 High levels, and 0 Moderate CVEs. You can check the complete patch details which are mentioned below.

Samsung February 2023 Patch Details:


  • CVE-2022-42719, CVE-2022-42721, CVE-2022-42720, CVE-2022-41674, CVE-2022-22088


  • CVE-2022-20235, CVE-2023-20928, CVE-2022-2959, CVE-2022-32636, CVE-2022-32637, CVE-2022-25746, CVE-2022-23960, CVE-2022-25725, CVE-2022-33284, CVE-2022-33286, CVE-2022-33276, CVE-2022-33285, CVE-2022-44426, CVE-2022-44425, CVE-2022-44427, CVE-2022-44428, CVE-2022-44431, CVE-2022-44429, CVE-2022-44432, CVE-2022-44430, CVE-2022-44435, CVE-2022-44437, CVE-2022-44434, CVE-2022-44436, CVE-2022-44438, CVE-2022-20443, CVE-2022-20551, CVE-2023-20934, CVE-2023-20942, CVE-2023-20943, CVE-2023-20944, CVE-2023-20948, CVE-2023-20933, CVE-2022-20481, CVE-2022-43680, CVE-2023-20939, CVE-2023-20945, CVE-2023-20946, CVE-2023-20932, CVE-2022-20455, CVE-2020-27059, CVE-2022-20441, CVE-2022-20451


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2021-35097, CVE-2021-35113, CVE-2021-35134, CVE-2022-33274, CVE-2022-33252, CVE-2022-33253, CVE-2022-33283, CVE-2022-20006

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-32635, CVE-2022-33266, CVE-2022-33255, CVE-2023-20940

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