Nothing Phone (1) getting pop up advertisements

As we are seeing nowadays that the news of Nothing Phone (2) is spread everywhere. It is being told that initially this phone will be launched only in the United States, after that it will be available in other markets.

That’s it, now let’s move on to the topic of our present phone, for the last few days we are finding the problems which we are facing in Nothing Phone (1) and sharing them with all of you. Have been so that if you face this problem then you should be aware of all these.

Recently we had told that some users are facing fingerprint issues in Nothing Phone (1), while some users told that their phone is turning off automatically. While some users are facing charging issues.

According to the latest report, now some users complain that pop-up advertisements have been showing on Nothing Phone (1). A user on a social media platform said:

Started getting pop-up ads, and google chrome redirects to advertisements, shifting to android after some time. Is this normal, how do I stop this? Pop-up ads and redirects are extremely irritating for me as a phone user, any help to solve this would be highly appreciated.

Update 1: Found an unnamed and no icon app on the google files app ( under the apps section). Uninstalled it, observing the changes. Couldn’t find it anywhere other than the Google files app, any solution?

Update 2: it’s been a few hours since I uninstalled the app from Google files, no pop-ups or advertisements, I guess it was the one causing problems, thank you so much for the help!

Well till now Nothing has not offered any comment on this topic but the company will solve it as soon as possible.

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