Google plans to allow clone apps and these changes made in Battery Usage statistics/settings

Right now, Android doesn’t have built-in support for app cloning (OEMs don’t count), but that could change with the release of Android 14. Google is testing a new “Cloned apps” feature that will allow you to “create a second instance of the app so you can use two accounts at the same time.” This feature will be available under Settings > Apps > Cloned apps.

For now, the feature is not available by default. Moreover, it is not yet complete, as the system does not currently provide any distinctive icons to display in the launcher, so the original and the duplicate can easily be confused. Also, the list of apps whose duplicates can be created is limited for some reason.

Changes in Battery Usage statistics and settings.

Battery Usage:

  • Returned a separate indicator of screen time since the last full charge of the device.
  • It is now possible to ‘break down’ the usage by apps and by system components. Earlier they were just sorted under each other.

Battery saver settings:

  • You can now select the default power-saving mode. That is, you no longer need to open the settings page to activate emergency power saving.
  • Also, there is an ‘Adaptive battery’ switch, which was moved from the Adaptive Preferences page.
    • The schedule item has been renamed “Schedule and reminder.” The usage-based option is gone. The lower threshold for automatic turn-on has been raised from 10 to 20%. There is a new “Battery Saver Reminders” switch.

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