[U: notification Icon Appearing] Google Messages pushed reactions using any emoji

Feb 10/2023: Google Messages finally gets the latest notification icon.

Feb 08/2023: Google recently provided a new identity ie a new icon to Google Messages. Google started testing the ability to respond with any emoji in Google Messages last November, and now it’s slowly getting wider recognition.

The feature was first enabled by 9ToGoogle in September and by other users in November. Instead of being limited to seven reactions (thumbs up/down, smiling face with heart-eyes, happy tears face, open-mouthed face, crying face and angry face), you can choose any emoji.

To get an emoji picket all you need to long press on SMS text or RCS and then tap the new plus symbol. You will get a search field at the top and 10 categories. Emoji reaction will be available in the bottom right corner as earlier. All other recipients will now see the reaction as emojis. According to the information, this feature is now rolling widely.

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