Some more Info/leaks about Google Tensor G3

Google Tensor G3 is codenamed as “Zuma” and will be called “GS 301”. It will power Google Pixel 8 series including Pixel 8 Ultra.

CPU configuration:

  • 1 x Cortex X3 (Instead of 2 x Cortex X cores)
  • 4 x Cortex A720 or A715
  • 4 x A510
  • It’s a 4+4+1 configuration. Theoretically, 21% improvement is there compared to the previous generation 1+3+4 settings as recommended by ARM


  • Mali G715 GPU aka “Mali Turse MP8”
  • Mali G715 instead of immortalise-715 GPU, since the power consumption of Immortals, is very high

Tensor G3 will be the First SoC to be built on 3nm Samsung GAA architecture. Samsung was just selling rebranded Exynos to Google and was not helping the tensor team. But now Tensor G3 is the first product of real collaboration between Samsung and Google

Basically, Google asked the Exynos team to help with tensor 3 since 2022 “not a rumor”. So this explains why Exynos 2300 was delayed to Q3 or even canceled.

Google already received an early sample around 10 august,22 for G3 and more samples would have come in November,22 & February,23. Till April,23 Tensor G3 would be final and by July,23 First batch of Samsung’s First 3nm chip will be delivered

Tensor 3 ML (AI) performance will be very strong with a 400-600% boost over Tensor 2 and it should not be underestimated this time if it is built on a 3nm process instead of Samsung’s 4nm LPP (probability exists).

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