Geekbench 6 launched with “Material You” support on Android

Geekbench 6, the latest version of the best cross-platform benchmark, has arrived and is loaded with new and improved workloads to measure the performance of your CPUs and GPUs.

The new GeekBench version adds new tests:

  • “Background Blur” (for video calls)
  • “Photo Filters”
  • “Object Detection” for AI
  • New tests for tagging metadata on photos and text processing

There are other changes under the hood such as:

  • Many existing tests have been updated to better reflect modern workloads
  • Tests now better take advantage of the GPU instead of just the CPU
  • Multicore scores have also been revamped, with the new scale measuring how cores share workloads in “true to life” scenarios.
  • More accurate and comparable results when dealing with CPU architectures that mix “big” and “little” cores.

The interface got revamped with a semi-Material You look, but it doesn’t adapt to the colors of your system and is blue like the GeekBench logo. (it also looks ugly and unfinished, look at the status bar).

GeekBench is now free for non-commercial uses, and the Pro version now includes command-line automation, offline result management, and a stand-alone version and to celebrate the 6.0 launch licenses are discounted by 20%

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