Pixel Buds Pro now enables head tracking demonstration and Spatial Audio settings

A new settings page for the Pixel Buds Pro’s head tracking for Spatial Audio is now available in Google’s Pixel Buds app.

Spatial Audio was added in a recent update for Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 owners to make surround sound audio, such as 5.1 or 7.1 audio in movies or television, more immersive on the Pixel Buds Pro and any wired (USB-C) headphones. Additionally, Google has previously stated that the Pixel Buds Pro will soon be able to support head tracking, which enables Spatial Audio to respond to your movements.

Our team was able to forcefully enable Google’s new settings page for Spatial Audio thanks to a recent Pixel Buds app update. It will appear as a new option on the “Device details” page of your headset on Pixel phones.

Pixel Buds Pro-2

You will be able to easily enable or disable both the associated Head tracking¬†feature and Spatial Audio as a whole from the new page. Even more fascinating is Google’s decision to include a helpful demonstration video above the two toggles. It will be a straightforward nature video with separated sections of orchestral music and bird calls.

You should be able to switch between the Pixel Buds Pro’s Spatial Audio modes and hear the differences using the video as a baseline, as indicated by the section’s title, “See how it works.” Owners of Pixel Buds should now have an easier time deciding whether they want to use traditional stereo sound or Spatial Audio and head tracking.

Google hopes to fully launch head-tracking spatial audio for the Pixel Buds Pro as soon as these new settings appear to be ready. Although the most recent Pixel Buds update arrived in October independently of any Pixel Feature Drop, the most obvious opportunity would be the upcoming Pixel Feature Drop in March.

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