Facebook copying Twitter Blue checkmarks

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature, which requires user permission for tracking, has significantly reduced ad revenues from free apps that rely on personalized ads. Meta predicts a $10B ad revenue loss due to this change. As a result, Elon Musk’s solution was to sell Twitter’s blue check marks at $11/month, the same Meta is going to do

A developer has Reverse-Engineered Instagram’s source code to find that Meta is preparing to offer paid Instagram and Facebook verification badges. The code explicitly refers to a “paid blue badge” and a new subscription product.

First Meta copied Telegram-like channels that will be added to Instagram & Facebook, now it’s copying the Twitter Blue subscription.

The Code mentions:

  • IDV= ID Verification

It has started appearing for some beta users & will be called “Meta Verified”.It will be available to verify profiles only, not Pages. Just like Twitter Blue, Meta Verified will offer additional features to its Subscribers.

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