ChromeOS 111 latest update introducing Fast Pair feature

Google announced the Quick Pair feature for Chromebooks in January 2022, and it is finally accessible to users in the ChromeOS 111 release. Google has begun pushing, and it is likely to be finished within the next several weeks.

Google introduced Quick Pair for mobile phones in 2017. Google had planned to launch Chromebooks in 2019, however, this has been delayed for a variety of reasons.

When a Bluetooth device is brought into close proximity for the first time utilizing Bluetooth Low-Energy technology, this service is used for rapid pairing. It was first used to connect audio devices such as speakers, headphones, and vehicle kits to the Android operating system when it was announced in October 2017.

When connecting headphones such as Pixel Buds Pro after updating Chromebook to ChromeOS 111, a reminder will show in the lower right corner of the screen. Google says Quick Pair is now “intended to function with compatible Bluetooth audio devices and Chromebooks that support background scanning” beginning with ChromeOS 111.


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