Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro: A popular user feature is returning

There was another model in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series with a spinning bezel to control the smartwatch, but only in the classic form. But with the successor, that was dropped, and we received the first Pro model.

This bezel is no longer present in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which disappointed some consumers. According to SamMobile, the feature may return with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro, according to a credible source.

Samsung will most likely release a new design this year, although the comeback does not apply to the normal Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. If you like the bezel, you’ll have to wait until the fall to obtain the larger version.

This year’s improvement sounds promising, and the battery life should be slightly improved. Samsung will undoubtedly release the new Galaxy Watch 6 (Pro) in August, which is why leaks are now on the rise.


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