The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt 4.02 update available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox

CDPR has announced the release of the 4.02 version update for “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. This update addresses a number of issues while also improving the game’s overall stability and performance. According to CDPR, the aforementioned improvements are merely the most significant, and this version also includes minor fixes not included in the list.

What’s New In This Update:


  • Improved CPU core utilization for DX12 builds.
  • Re-added horizontal ambient occlusion. Players will need to turn this off again if they did not have Ambient Occlusion turned on before. You can find this setting in Options > Video > Graphics.
  • Fixed My Rewards not being localized in REDlauncher.
  • Fixed Toussaint having scenery flickering when NVIDIA hair technology was turned off.
  • Fixed a particle optimization issue that could cause brief stutters.

The host

  • Improved performance mode for next-gen consoles.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could become slightly blurry during dialogue and cutscenes on the PlayStation 5 version.
  • Fixed an issue where the Xbox Series X version could experience a game crash due to memory usage in ray tracing mode.
  • Sow Reaps – The game will no longer crash when Geralt leaves Shani after the dialogue has started on Next-Gen consoles.
  • Fixed not being able to read quick saves when using cross-progression on the Xbox One version.
  • Added two “Excellent Sword!” voices that were missing on the previous generation of consoles.
  • Fixed PlayStation 5 version deleting the oldest save when overwriting a manual save in some cases.
  • Fixed a performance issue that would occur in Beauclair and Novigrad after loading a save.

Vision (for PC and next-gen consoles)

  • Added refraction for SSR and ray-traced reflections, and improved liquid immersion.
  • Fixed visual issues with brick textures, stone arch surfaces are no longer black artifacts.
  • Added motion blur slider. This can be found in Options > Video > Graphics.

Tasks and gameplay (applicable to all platforms)

  • Pre-Battle – Fixed missing dialogue option to advance the quest when “Tell Avalakh that everything is ready”.
  • For the Motherland – Fixed an issue where players could permanently lock the warehouse door if they entered the warehouse by knocking on the door and immediately leaving.
  • Treasure Hunting Quest: One of the Cat School Equipment Upgrade Blueprints – Fixed an issue where the quest might still be active after obtaining the blueprint.
  • Fixed an issue that required a game restart to open expansions in standalone mode when players attempted to start a new playthrough with an incompatible save file.

Localization (for all platforms)

  • Fixed Ciri and Geralt Gwent card description issues in the Korean localization.
  • Fixed punctuation issues in Arabic localization.
  • Traditional Chinese font update.

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