User profiles are being added to Android TV

It is not uncommon for Google to cause customer confusion; this has been the case for some time with Android TV, which is gradually being replaced by Google TV; the two services of the firm continue to coexist, even as the latter is widely adopted by various smart TV manufacturers.

According to what several Reddit users have posted, it appears that Android TV is getting a new feature after a long period of not receiving special attention from Google. As previously said, Big G has not provided updates for Android TV in a few months, but it appears that the business has begun the process of implementing profile support on the platform in question: specifically, in the Explore area, some users have begun to display a profile switch button.

So the new Android TV UI (don’t confuse with the Google TV UI) is rolling out profiles support (courtesy of @GenesisDH), I imagine that the old UI won’t benefit of this, specially for countries where Google hasn’t rolled out that UI.
by u/latinriky78 in AndroidTV

The new symbol is positioned in the upper right corner of the service interface, between the Settings icons and the time; clicking on the icon opens a new page that, in addition to asking you to select the main account for the TV, also allows you to add or remove an account.

The user is also informed on the second page that the main account is used for checklists and purchases. As you can see from the photographs, this is distinct from what is currently accessible on Google TV; in fact, there is no user selector.

At first glance, it appears to be simply a new interface for controlling the Google accounts linked to the device, but it is difficult to say for certain at this time; we will have to wait to understand how Google intends to develop this function, possibly by linking it with YouTube, which could then integrate the profile selector instead of having the user create different profiles within the app.

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