Google converts consumers after removing notifications from its assistant and calendar

Google officially launched its Reminders redesign around a month ago. However, it typically takes some time before the users are really informed of the changes. Users are now complaining that they are unable to generate reminders.

There are now tasks, which are all gathered in Google Tasks, in place of reminders. A few extra features are available for tasks, such as the ability to sort them into separate lists. This will be used by Google to remove reminders from Calendar and Google Assistant.

The first users have now experienced the conversion. Reminders are now being produced as tasks, and reminder creators are informed of this. Reminders will be totally deleted from the applications once the notice is confirmed.

Reminders that have already been made can be turned into tasks. Reminders made using the Assistant or Calendar will automatically transition to tasks in Google Tasks as of May 22, 2023.

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