Nothing Ear (2) confirmed with IP54 rating and some other streaming support

Despite not providing customers with any new products in the last few months, nothing has been relatively active. Carl Pei, the company’s creator, has been occupied for the most part creating enthusiasm and expectation for the business’s next items. While the Phone (2) is expected this year, the Ear seems to be the main focus for now (2).

The Ear (2) has not received much attention up to this moment, but Pei is now disclosing more details about the wireless earbuds in a new interview with Forbes. He briefly reviews some of the topics he covered with Inverse a few months ago in the interview, such as how Nothing got started and how the company is growing. Yet probably the most crucial information relates to the Ear’s manufacturing process and design attributes (2).

It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup fails. He continues by noting that the earbuds’ audio quality has increased “enable LHDC 5.0 streaming as well as high definition audio as a result. Thus we will provide excellent support for any hi-res certified music source.”

The Nothing Ear (2), which will go on sale in just over a week, is the first of many things Nothing has planned for the upcoming year. Also, there have been whispers of a speaker, and the business will undoubtedly release its Phone before the year is up (2). While there is always room for expansion, it is reasonable to say that for a tiny business, the company has a pretty strong lineup. In addition to hardware, the company is constantly enhancing the current release of Nothing OS, which is based on Android 13.


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