Unveiling of the Tesla V4 super charging station in Europe, with a launch anticipated this month

In March, Tesla will introduce its first batch of V4 supercharging stations in Europe. The first group of V4 supercharging stations was captured on camera by Twitter user Fritsvanens in Harderwijk, the Netherlands.

According to reports, Tesla employees have tested these charging stations, which are predicted to support 1000V architecture and be compatible with other electric vehicle brands. The V4 supercharger stations will open this month, according to Tesla personnel. It’s been reported that a number of people have been arrested for trespassing on private property.

The new V4 supercharger station appears to be designed similarly to the Megachargers used by Tesla Semi in the California facility and resembles Tesla’s 72 kW charger at first inspection, although it appears to have a longer charging connection for convenience. Chargeable models from additional brands.

While the V4 anticipates a peak charging rate of 300 to 350 kW, Tesla’s most popular urban supercharging pile currently has a charging power limit of 250 kW. More than 1,500 supercharging stations, more than 10,000 supercharging heaps, more than 700 destination charging stations, and more than 1,900 destination charging piles have all been constructed and made available by Tesla in mainland China so far. More than 40,000 supercharging stations, each capable of recharging a vehicle 200 miles in 15 minutes, have reportedly been installed worldwide, according to Tesla.

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