Windows games for Android: Soon, Google Play Games will be available worldwide

For Windows, which, by the way, is being built independently of Microsoft, Google will establish its own Play Store. They still rely on Amazon as the store, even though they now provide Android apps for Windows.

Google’s Play Store is only going to provide “Google Play Games,” thus it won’t yet be a fully-fledged shop with apps. Therefore the initial objective is to provide Windows users with access to a large selection of Android games.

The testing phase has been going on for a while and today Google confirmed that it will launch in Japan and Europe in the coming months. Is Germany there? It’s still completely open and not confirmed, but I assume so.

As soon as we know more and as soon as you can really install this store for Android games in Germany, we will of course inform you here. I’m curious how this works, even if I don’t currently have a Windows PC.


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