We’ve been plagued by the Pixel Launcher weather bug for months

Has Google been allowing its consumers to put up with a problem in the Pixel Launcher for months? At the very least, it appears challenging since multiple Pixel owners have once again complained about a problem that usually occurs when attempting to activate the weather app from the home screen.

For months, it has become customary to tap the weather and the calendar app will launch. Actually, you shouldn’t expect this to occur unless you touch the live display’s date with your finger. But, I can attest that the fact that the calendar is displayed in addition to the weather forecast has been bothering me for months.

Trying to click weather 🌡️ and it always opens calendar 📆
by u/Know_to in GooglePixel

Google’s advice is to reset your phone

Google hasn’t yet offered a repair update for the bug or a practical workaround. In any event, nobody was helped by the advice to restart the smartphone. And we didn’t anticipate that response either.

Potential solutions that some users claim have worked: Enter the live display settings, disable the weather, quit the settings, return to the settings, and enable the weather display. The problem has been happening on my Pixel smartphones for months, and the most recent Android 13 QPR2 update makes no difference.

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