For the Pictures app on Pixel phones, Google is planning additional fantastical features

Google Photos for the Pixel devices receives interesting updates every year, and users should have access to even cooler options in 2023. The ability to instantly sharpen shaky photographs was the last option. Videos have access to this capability as well.

The company “Fixed on Pixel” launches

The Pictures app already contains planned upgrades that will be included with Pixel 7a or Pixel 8 devices. Video Unblur will be included in the Picture Unblur service. Although the new Interface was already activated by the 9to5Google team, the feature was not yet functional.

The pictures don’t have to be taken directly from a Pixel phone, much like with the other capabilities you can use to edit your photos after the fact. This is consistent with the “Fixed on Pixel” marketing campaign that Google has been promoting in conjunction with these capabilities for a while.

Google also intends to add an overlay feature to videos. In essence, these are color filters that the user can apply to videos. Even the following list of all anticipated filters is already available.

  • After School
  • Black-and-white
  • Chromatic
  • Forward
  • Glassy
  • Golden
  • moire
  • Multiply
  • Polaroid
  • rainbow rays
  • Reflect
  • RGB pulse
  • super 8
  • VHS


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