Google Drive Material You and Google Contacts for Android gets navigation rail

Execution of the prior announcement of the expansion of Material You would finally expand to Google Drive and its various tools on the web has gone public. Google made a statement in February that will be expanding Material You through the tools are sharing the tag of the brand. Also, the latest Google app to get a tablet redesign is Contacts for Android as were expecting long.

Google Drive’s Material You redesign

Google Drive Material You redesign primarily involves the default white background being replaced by a faint/light blue of which there are several shades. For example, the left navigation menu is slightly darker. There are also larger header styles and a new look for the “New” creation button at the top left of the interface that’s similar to a floating action button (FAB) common on Android and other Google apps.

Well, there is nothing that has to do with but Google’s redesign showed new buttons to filter files by type and change the sorting. As been reported from the source redesigns Google’s rollout of Material You to Drive apps, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides rollout earlier this month.

Additionally, will go widely available at this point to both Workspace and standard Google Drive users. Google originally said the rollout would occur over the “coming weeks.”

Google Contacts for Android gets navigation rail

Google Contacts, at the top, create FAB, with “Contacts,” “Highlights,” and “Fix & manage” following. Now, these aren’t horizontally centered to allow for more natural hand placement. Where the contacts list is at the left and details appear at the right the app’s main view makes use of a dual-column UI. The search bar at the top isn’t full-width, on this page. Well, Google Contacts has changed into a navigation rail from a wide bottom bar that looked bad on landscape displays.

Google Contacts redesign rolled out with version 4.3. Well, the highlights just make use of a single, centered column with a lot of empty space to the left and right, as well as a wide search bar. The same can be said of Fix & manage.

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