On the web, Google Maps is testing a clever “Recents” sidebar

Google makes fewer visual updates to the Maps website than it does to Maps for iOS and Android. A web-based sidebar that makes it easy to access places you’ve recently visited is currently being tested by Google Maps.

A navigation rail on the left edge of Google Maps now features a hamburger button that opens the same drawer as before and two tabs that open your list of “Saved” places and “Recents” for some users.

The way that recently viewed places, including cities and locations, will also appear in the sidebar is even more convenient. It makes it possible to quickly return to a location without having to search through previous results.

Each location opens right away, and clicking on it will take you to the entire list. Google Maps, on the other hand, will group locations in the same city together, and clicking on one of them will open a side panel list. There’s a nearly visit head-like way to this methodology, permitting fast performing various tasks/exchanging between places.

Google Maps-1

Google Maps-2

Google Maps-4

This makes excellent use of the extra screen space provided by the web on laptops and desktop computers. The sidebar is better compared to having numerous tabs with Google Guides open. It would be an excellent addition to the iPad and Android tablet mobile apps.

This Google Maps sidebar is currently only available on one of our signed-in accounts and is not widely available. The change significantly improves location planning on the web over mobile, and Google’s new ideas for large-screen UI are quite exciting.

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