Tesla introduces new ‘Drive on Sunshine’ solar charging feature

According to a new report, in the latest 4.19 update of the Tesla app, the company has added a new feature called “Drive on Sunshine”. The company has also made this facility available to non-Tesla owners. Tesla has given more details about the charging speed and capacity through this. This new Drive on Sunshine feature from Tesla will use the extra solar power that they are generating to charge the vehicle. Many other products, such as the iPhone, have versions of similar clean energy charging.

Tesla App 4.19 Features:

The new update to the Tesla app not only introduces the Drive on Sunshine feature but also adds the ability for non-Tesla EV owners to sign up for the company’s charging subscription. The feature would pay non-Tesla owners $12.99 per month and in return receive the same charging rates at Tesla’s Supercharger stations as Tesla owners who would otherwise be charged premium charges.

The latest version of the Tesla app will now also show you how much battery capacity is unavailable due to extreme cold.

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