Android 14 to warn of empty battery in a better way

In the coming Android 14 version Google is working on the best option that we are looking for a long time. Yes you can it best as we use our smartphones on a regular basis and sometimes we forget to charge our device and without having any notification its also tough job to easily remind it.

Now according to the latest information, Android 14 is currently testing a new notification or toggle with a preview version. A new battery warning is probably planned, which informs the user again shortly before the end that the smartphone could run out very soon if no new power comes up.

Now, Android will alert you if you running out low battery below 5%. In the screenshot below you can check Android 14 showing up a warning at 2 percent remaining battery. So far, Android warns at 10 and 20 percent.

So we just need to wait for the stable release. What you think isn’t it cool?

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