Google Pixel 8 Star might blend cameras to need better Night Sight shots

Google is working on a new feature of Pixel 8 Pro, that will integrate multiple cameras to produce even better Night Sight photos. Google released a new method for handling telephoto shots with the Pixel 7 Pro’s release.

If you zoom in sufficiently, Google Camera will use both the main and telephoto lenses to capture your intended shot. In Pixel 7 Pro you can add hidden information to the center of the image by using that additional data. The Google Camera app’s version 8.8 update started appearing in the Play Store over the weekend.

Our team has discovered that Google has included some of the initial information for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in the app’s code. We are still gathering all of the detail about what will be new on Google’s next Pixel phone, but we have discovered a new feature that only is available on the Pixel 8 Pro.

Pixel 8 Pro

  1. From what we know, the Multi-camera Super Res Zoom highlighted above is by all accounts alluded to in the code as Falcon” and FusionZoom.
  2. Google has made a change that is only for the Pixel 8 Pro. This special Hawk variety of Super Res Zoom can now be used for Night Sight shots.

In use, both camera sensors should take the same picture for an extended period, so the basic method should remain virtually unchanged.

After the two images have been taken, Google Camera should seamlessly combine them to produce a single Night Sight (or perhaps astrophotography) shot that has even more detail than the previous one.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google is investing once more in low-light photography given that the company has improved Night Sight in some way each year since it debuted on the Pixel 3.

At last, it should be interesting to see how Google’s machine learning merges photos taken in well-lit areas with long exposures.

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