iPhone users are 18% more loyal than Android users

As we all know that nowadays everyone is crazy about iPhones. If seen, Apple alone has surrounded more than half of all smartphone consumers. And it is also a fact that iPhone users have higher brand loyalty than Android users. Addictive Tips, a market research agency, quantified this benchmark through surveys that iPhone users are 18% more loyal to their brands than Android users.

According to the latest report, almost two-thirds of iPhone users said in a report that they would leave Apple if the company banned Twitter from the App Store.

The main contents of this survey:

  • Among iPhone groups, millennials (generally referring to those born in the 1980s and 1990s) are the most satisfied with iPhones
  • Business managers are 33% more likely to use an iPhone than an Android and get along well with 63% of employees who also use an iPhone
  • On average, iPhone users spend 15 more days per year staring at their smartphone screens than Android users.


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