OnePlus 11 Special Edition live images leaked

Recently, OnePlus China President Li Jie posted on his official Weibo account that OnePlus will soon launch a special edition of OnePlus 11, once again challenging the industry to the impossible. Sharing the poster, Li Jie revealed that the new product will be made with unprecedented materials and craftsmanship, making each smartphone unique and pushing the flagship design forward again.

According to the latest report, China’s well-known Weibo tipster Digital Chat Station revealed that the material used in this special edition of the OnePlus 11 has not been used in any smartphone by any other company so far. Due to this material, each of the OnePlus 11 Special Edition smartphones will have a different texture and feel cooler to the touch.

Digital Chat Station stated that this material is used in daily life but it is not glass. According to the latest reports, after the poster, an anonymous leaker has leaked the live images of this special edition of the OnePlus 11. It looks exactly like the OnePlus 11 but the back cover has a Jupiter surface texture. Some users say that it may be made of marble.

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