Major Youtube TV black screen bug fix and HDR update rolling out on Apple TV

Google is working on long-term issue fixes for Youtube TV. Yes, you read that right, on Apple TV users are facing several issues related to the black screen and HDR. Now, seems the company is ready to fix those issues in the form of new software updates. The update also included HDR handling.

As the Reddit YouTube TV engineer confirmed this week a new update has “just started” rolling out to Apple TV users. The “large” update doesn’t have an official changelog, but a few changes were mentioned.

According to the changelog, the all-new upcoming update improves the handling of HDR for YouTube TV on Apple TV. You will see the content matching dynamic range (i.e. turn on HDR automatically) on Apple TV. Yeah, it’s a simple feature but important too.

by u/ytv-tpm from discussion Match Dynamic Range Added on Apple TV
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The main black screen bug on YouTube TV is also going away with the new update. The issue, which has been ongoing for some time now, left the screen blank when resuming the YouTube TV app. Apart from these changes, the company may be looking at stability improvement.

Currently, it’s not confirmed how long it will take for all Apple TV owners to get this new YouTube TV update. Check via the Apple store to install the latest version.

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