Samsung wins the Galaxy S10 trademark case

According to the latest report, Samsung Electronics has successfully defended itself with a trademark infringement case involving S10. A Los Angeles federal jury ruled in favor of Samsung last Friday. Some time ago a brokerage company named S10 Entertainment & Media LLC sued Samsung Electronics. This company had to say that the Galaxy S10 series and the company brand are easy to confuse users.

A Los Angeles federal jury threw the case at Samsung, saying the brokerage firm had no substantial evidence to show that the Samsung Galaxy S10 name infringed on the brokerage firm’s trademark. S10 Entertainment & Media LLC said it registered the use of the “S10” trade name in 2017.

S10 Entertainment & Media LLC is a talent management agency that manages popular pop singles. It argued that Samsung’s use of the S10 name for smartphones was likely to cause confusion among consumers and dilute its brand in the marketplace. Agency had claimed that Samsung’s use of a similar font and color scheme in the S10 logo and promotional partnerships with musicians.

It led people to send social media messages trying to buy Samsung phones instead of reaching out to agencies. Samsung, on the other hand, had maintained that its use of the S10 name would not cause confusion among consumers and it had priority to the S10 name based on its earlier Galaxy family of marks.

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