What Gmail for Android’s generative AI will look like [Gallery]

You will know about the first look at generative AI in Gmail for Android following the announcement last week. Google may begin testing with a limited set of features. A “Help me write” FAB has been added to the compose screen in the most recent version of Gmail (2023.03.05.515729449).

This button has a sparkled wand icon rather than the pencil/pen version that was shown off last week. Clicking the button opens a text box where you can Advise Gmail what to compose for you.

Gmail will tell you to Keep writing to create a preview” if your prompt is too brief. You tap Create” when you are finished. In the meantime, Gmail is also working on a feature called “Refine my message.” Assuming you’ve previously composed something in the email body, you can tap that FAB to have Google improve or explain it.

With “View another,” you can either insert that creation or create a new one. You can also give it a thumbs up or down.

Generative AI in Gmail for Android

Google demonstrated the capability to formalize, elaborate, shorten, and bulletize text last week. “I’m feeling lucky” or simply “Write a draft” can also be used to create something more whimsical.┬áIn Gmail, it appears that Google is beginning with only “Help me write” and “Refine my message” from what we enabled.

Finally, Google intends to introduce generative AI to Gmail and Docs, the first Workspace applications, “trusted testers on a rolling basis throughout the year.”

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