Android 14 screenshots from work apps will now be saved to the work profile instead of personal profile

Work profile users head up: In Android 14, screenshots you take of work apps will now be saved to the work profile instead of your personal profile! You may see this “Saved in [Files] in the work profile” notice after taking your first screenshot of a working app after updating.

This change is already live in Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1 and Android 14 DP2, but since very few OEMs merge QPRs, most work profile users won’t see this change until Android 14. This change was first implemented in Android 13 QPR2, but it’s gated by the SCREENSHOT_WORK_PROFILE_POLICY flag, which is disabled by default in Android 13 QPR2/Android 14 DP1. You can see the code changes for the new work profile screenshot feature here.

As for why screenshots of work profile apps used to be saved in your personal profile’s storage, it’s because of the way SystemUI (prior to QPR3/DP2) handled screenshots. Since your personal & work profiles share the same SystemUI instance (profiles are tied to a parent user), SystemUI needed to know which profile the app belonged to when deciding where to save the screen capture. That logic has been implemented in QPR2+.

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